Tom Scammahorn - Owner

Tom Scammahorn

Kyle Evans - Assistant Store Manager

Kyle Evans

Assistant Store Manager

Year employeed by IHK? 12

Experience in the industry?
- Worked Rentals and Parts for a year
- Has been selling Kubota tractors for the last 7 years

Schooling received?
- Graduated from Washington State University in 2003

Favorite after work activity?
-Spending time with my family
-Horseback riding

Ken Merriman - Driver

Ken Merriman


Service Department

Lee Vance - Service Department

Lee Vance

Service Department

Years employed with IHK? 3

Certifications you have earned?
-Kubota certified in 2009
-Honda 2009 Top-Tech
-EPA certified - Universal Technician ( Type 1, 2 and 3 )
-MACS certified ( Mobil Air Conditioning Society )
-Exmark certified
-Shindaiwa certified
-Husqvarna certified
-Echo certified

Schooling you have received?
-Wyoming Technical Institute 2003
-Diesel technician

Favorite after work activity?
-Relaxing at my local pub. A few pints and a game of pool....or five.

Todd Petrie - Mechanic

Todd Petrie


Years employed with IHK? 11 years but I have been a mechanic for 25 years

Certifications you have earned?
-Welding certification

Schooling you have received?
-Kubota every year
-Lake Washington Votec for welding
-Cummins service school

Favorite after work activity?
-4 by
-mountain biking

Parts / Rental Department

Zac Scammahorn - Parts Manager

Zac Scammahorn

Parts Manager

Years employeed with IHK? 5

Experience in the industry?
-working behind the counter with customers and their equipment for the last two years.

Schooling recieved?
-Graduated from washington state university in 2009
-Earned certifications in Honda, Kholer, Exmark and Briggs parts