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Chippers and Shredders
Whether you're looking for a portable chipper or a tractor-mounted model, Issaquah Honda Kubota has a Bear Cat chipper/shredder to help you demolish debris. Bear Cat products feature solid, welded construction, strong motor mounts, large loading hoppers and big chipping chutes.

Portable Chipper/Shredders
Bear Cat features four portable models with Briggs & Stratton (B&S) engines ranging from 5 - 8 hp. All can support up to 3" branches and weigh between 182 and 232 lbs.


  • 8 hp B&S engine
  • Weighs 217 lbs.
  • 2 chip blades
  • 12 shred knives
Portable Chipper

Tractor-Attached Chippers/Shredders
If you want more horsepower to clear more acreage and larger debris, Bear Cat features two 5" power take off ("PTO") chipper/shredders. These PTO machines, 540 and 2000 rpm, with optional 1-speed blower attachment, can pile the debris where you want it. Both feature a 125-pound balanced rotor and 4 tool steel chipper blades.


  • PTO 540 rpm
  • Weighs 450 lbs.
  • 4 chip blades
  • 36 shred knives

Bear Cat
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Bear Cat Chipper
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